Saturday, 29 December 2007

Proper new years resolutions

A new year is dawning on us! 'OMG NOWAI!' you shout dejectedly .
'YA IZ TRU M8' I reply in a solemn tone with a slight glint in my eye.

So, yeah. In a day it'll be 2008! And with a new year comes those strange things that people try to keep to. Some call them the catalogue of plagues. Others call them malevolent listings. I call them new years resolutions. It's just easier that way.

So anyways, I thought I'd post my resolutions on here. Here they be:

- Draw as much as possible - every day if I'm in the right mood
- Go to every life drawing session
- Learn Maya
- Learn more Flash
- Have more fun
- Read all of the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy
- Be more creative and productive
- Update my Blogger thing at least once a week - [link]
- Eat more nut roast

And that's it as far as resolutions are concerned. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and all the best for the new year! :D

Love ye all - Bryn xxxxxxxxxx

Saturday, 22 December 2007

New years resolutions

Ahoy there! It's been months since I last updated this, tis a shame. I've decided to start using it again, at least weekly. If anyone actually reads this and wants to check out what I've been up to this year then check out:

my deviantart page

After new years I'll be updating this weekly as I said. As well as keeping to some other resolutions such as completing a drawing or more a day and practising things that I REALLY suck at. I'll probably think of some more as time goes on. Either way I'll post them on here soon and hopefully stick to them.

Fare thee well folk, enjoy Christmas/whatever you celebrate and the new years!

Monday, 4 June 2007

More sketches

Well, I'm happy the previous post was successful and everything worked. So here's some more:

Random female sketch
What the title says...really basic and lacking in detail. I didn't put much effort into this.

My ongoing quest to master's hard. I'm happy with this...the crap one is well...crap.

A miracle!


Finally after ages of having an account on this site and having NOTHING to use it for, I have now found a use. This use shall be to host random sketches and pictures that I make so that I and others can have easier access to my progress and all that jazz. Anywho, let's start.

Trouserback lady
This is just a sketch of a reference picture I had. I wanted to see how I coped with drawing a womans back and shading it...quite terribly is the answer!

Sunday, 4 March 2007

My first ever blog (rather uninteresting)

Ah well, I enter the world of blogging at last it seems. Now I don't really understand the world of blogging, not that I'm not aware and in tune with todays technology and the like but I have only ever encountered annoying blogs without real meaning.

I came across some rather interesting blogs linked from a forum and a good friend started her own recently, they actually had meaning and reason so it's much like having a mini website without the hassle of all the coding (which is always appealing).

Anyway, this is only a test post. I've made my account (amazingly quickly), chose my blog skin and all that jazz so let's see what it all looks like!

Let's hope one day I'll start posting some interesting stuff here.