Monday, 4 June 2007

More sketches

Well, I'm happy the previous post was successful and everything worked. So here's some more:

Random female sketch
What the title says...really basic and lacking in detail. I didn't put much effort into this.

My ongoing quest to master's hard. I'm happy with this...the crap one is well...crap.

A miracle!


Finally after ages of having an account on this site and having NOTHING to use it for, I have now found a use. This use shall be to host random sketches and pictures that I make so that I and others can have easier access to my progress and all that jazz. Anywho, let's start.

Trouserback lady
This is just a sketch of a reference picture I had. I wanted to see how I coped with drawing a womans back and shading it...quite terribly is the answer!