Friday, 28 November 2008

Spaceman Update

I thought I'd take a break so here I be, updating my blog thing. I've been working on my Spaceman model all day. I've finished modelling him (completely now, I hope). I totally remodelled his helmet and added a head with face mask and eyes inside.

Here's how he looks so far:

I'm rigging him at the moment, which is lots of fun. He's about half done, then I have to paint the weights on him but it shouldn't take all that long to complete all of that. If I work hard I'll get a lot done tonight.

Just to share my pain, here's what rigging a character looks like in Maya:

And that's using a really low poly model. Oh's not that bad really. :P Now it's time to feast then get back to work! FARE WELLS!

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