Sunday, 9 November 2008

Work work work

Righto, so I'm doing muchly uni work at the moment. I have four modules worth of work to get finished by Christmas so that I can spend the holiday with my beautiful girlfriend and not have to worry about getting anything done.

I'm working on:

  • A character model and animation (I'll post information about this soon, look at the last post, the animation is going to be based around that spaceman character).
  • Dubbing animation - I've actually finished this, all I have to do is the write up. Easy, check it out if you want to -
  • A three minute drama - this is group work and it should turn out to be pretty cool. I'm directing it.
  • The last is another group project, we have to render a scene in Maya. I'm in charge of lighting and rendering the night scene.

So yeah, all that to do before the 12th of December. The model's on its way, dubbing done, the drama is all scheduled to be shot and edited so that's easy and the render will get worked on after the spaceman model is finished.

Roll on beautiful Christmas! :D

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