Monday, 30 March 2009

Spaceship concept

Well today's been a bit of a strange day.

It started with me cutting my finger up all nasty like whilst cutting spinach (I know) I took two thirds (ish) of my index finger nail off (left hand) and cut into the skin underneath the nail. Who'd have thought being a vegan was so violent and dangerous?

Anyways, I couldn't do much for a while because I was all "OUCH, HAND IS HURT!" but I needed to design a spaceship for uni so I watched War of The Worlds to get myself in the mood. After watching the film I sat down, doodles for a bit and this came out:

It was quite fun because I actually thought about what I needed on the ship and such so that was fun. I know the perspective is messed up in places but I'm going to model it in Maya so it's all good, just a concept.

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