Sunday, 29 March 2009

Stuff stuff stuff

Sadly I haven't gotten any further with my animation apart from modelling the set.

I've been busy creating a flash (EVIL) website for another module at uni. It's about muscle simulation and has a load of tutorials and stuff on there.

I've also been creating a title sequence for a couple of friends for a film they've made. Hopefully I'll be able to upload the title sequence somewhere after they've finished the project because I'm kind of proud of it. The titles are all motion tracked and they look cool like that, never done it before but they came out alright and they liked them so that's all that matters.

I haven't seen the actual film but it sounds interesting, here's a synopsis:

"Jing (Haruka Abe) has had dreams about a Man she has never met before for months. In this time Jing has developed feelings toward him and lived out a relationship in her head. However one day she dreams about a car accident where he will be knocked down and she must confront the dreams with the help of her best friend Mei (Elizabeth Tan) in the hope of saving the Mans life, if he is real in the first place."

If you're interested check out andrewjsykes for updates and such!

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