Thursday, 23 April 2009


Well the Pied Piper animation has changed a lot since I first started this project. I cut things down as much as I could to fit the time I had to do it in and for things to actually make sense but sadly I think it's come out weaker than it should have been. Mainly due to the fact that I don't know enough about animation. I realised with this project that even though I did a lot of pre production work I will need to do a lot more in future and I need to learn a lot more about Maya in order to get away with doing what I want to.

So I plan to start learning once I have finished my other uni work. I want to learn more about timings, arcs, the graph editor........LOTS! So that's something to do during my summer with some good free rigs.

Anyways, here's a shot from the animation as it looks now:

I'll post the animation when it's finished rendering. At the moment it's been going for two days and has got to frame 974 out of 1100. Hopefully it'll be done by the time I wake up tomorrow.

After I've got this project out of the way I need to finish a Flash website for a muscle simulation website and I need to get to work on a compositing module.

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