Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Back at uni

 After spending a week in Wrexham with my beautiful lady friend I'm now back in Bradford and had my first lecture yesterday.

So far I'm really excited about two of my modules which is great. I get to do a facial animation/lip sync module and an individual project where I get to create my own project which will be a character animation short. I'm currently brainstorming and planning my individual project and have my facial animation audio already picked and the character is in the design stages.

Apart from those two modules I have a 'design for industry' module which I don't know all that much about but I'll find about that on friday.

Now time to get back to watching Lango tutorials, planning my IP and FA character etc.

Also, the lip sync animation I said was complete isn't actually finished yet :P There's a lot I want to clean up with that.

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