Monday, 14 September 2009

Completed lip sync

Here it is, the finished animation and my first ever attempt at lip sync (which took about 6 days on and off). I'm quite proud of it and I'm even happy with the overall animation. Hopefully when it comes to my facial animation module at uni I'll be able to experiment more with mouth movements and details. Here's a playblast of the finished product. Due to some problems with Maya/mental ray I can't seem to render it out all shiney and nice but I'm working on fixing it. Untill then, this will have to do:

Movies Lip Sync finished(?) from Bryn Richards on Vimeo.

Now that I'm done with this I better get on and design a character for my next uni project and brain storm for my individual project.

To infinity...and BEYOND!

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ap3xultima said...

Bad Maya! Gief Shinies!