Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Barry Purves

Today I had the great opportunity to attend a seminar with legendary stop motion animator Barry Purves. Barry has animated a countless amount of films but most recently worked on Peter Jackson's King Kong as an animation director as well as an animator. He also works a lot in theatre and direction.

The talk was pretty much what I was expecting and was quite vague because he was dealing with students from different courses. However it was very inspiring and he really brought home what animation is about. Technicalities can come into anything but with animation it's always about doing something you can't do in real life and to visualise things in a new way. Also it's a great medium to show the world how you see it and not the way everyone else does.

So I walked away wanting to make my individual project even more "animationy" which is great! What's the point in animating a guy playing keyboard realistically? Not that I was going to but still.

I also got a chance to talk to him quickly at the end and he's a really nice guy but some other guy cut me off and he had to leave.

Damn you other guy!

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