Saturday, 17 October 2009

Individual project stuff

I've been working on some of my Individual Project stuff today. First off, for now I'll call this project "Phonecall" just so I don't have to sound really formal all the time.

Anyways, I've worked out my set layout/design and my simple (and I mean simple) storyboards. Here they are:

I have to pitch the idea for my animation on Thursday so hopefully they'll let me do it. Basically it's about a guy playing keyboard, trying to write a song but his phone keeps distracting him, things get a bit surreal and he looses his temper which ultimately ends in the destruction of his keyboard. Silly man.

Oh and I'm COMPLETELY cutting out modelling and rigging as far as characters are concerned. I'll be using the Norman rig. Here he is pulling a throwing pose:

On the website side of things...I'm going to redesign it all again I think. I want some more personal and original. The design I had looked too clean and polished. I want personality. So that's going to go at the back of the list but should be up in time for my showreel to be complete (next year).

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