Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Thoughts on Up

Last friday I went to see Up with my girlfriend and some friends and what happened next was very confusing for me.

........I didn't like the film! It was a scary feeling, I was watching a Pixar film and I wasn't enjoying it. How could this happen? I have no idea but I bet having high expectations didn't help but I had high expectations for Wall-E and I love that film.

To me Up felt very empty and it didn't really feel like a Pixar film. It started off great with a sequence about the main characters life which was really moving but after that it was (in my opinion of course) quite stale. I didn't feel inspired at any point in the film and as far as I could tell there was no climax. Things just seemed to happen really loosely.

Story and characters aside the animation was perfect as Pixar animation always is however it was very realistic and I forgot I was watching an animated film which is a good thing but it made me focus more on the fact that I didn't like the story. My favourite thing about the movie was the bird character, she was really funny and her movements were great.

It's quite weird, I'm giving a Pixar film a bit of a crappy review. At least I loved Cloudy...I even went to see that for the third time the day after I saw Up!

But saying all that, my girlfriend and our friends all enjoyed it as I'm sure lots of other people did but it just didn't do anything for me. Now I'm hoping Toy Story 3, The Bear and The Bow and Newts will be more inspiring.

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