Friday, 27 November 2009

Busy month

I've had a really busy month and have met loads of great people recently so here's what's happened...

First off I went to Eurogamer in Leeds back at the start of the month and got to play L4D2 before the demo was out and Avatar the game. Both were great fun. I also saw a load of other games that I've forgotten the names of but they weren't the type of games that I thought would be that good.

Then I spent pretty much a whole week at Bradford Animation Festival (BAF). BAF was an amazing experience, I'd never been to an animation festival before and this really impressed me. The first couple of days were mainly game company based seminars. I got to see a cool seminar from the guys at Sony about the eyepet, someone from Team17, an indie company who made a great looking point and click game and Ian Livingstonge (Warhammer/Games Workshop/Dungeons & Dragons) of Eidos who was talking about intellectual property.

The second day wasn't all that great because I went to all the indie games seminars and a lot of them pulled out and were replaced with some speakers who weren't all that entertaining or informative.

The days afterwards at the animation festival were great. I got to see Coraline in 3D and attend a seminar by Claire Jennings (Producer of Coraline). Then the next day was the best, I went to a seminar with Brian Van't Hul who won an oscar for his work on Peter Jacksons King King. He worked on all the LOTR films, Forest Gump and many other great films but he was there to talk about the making of Coraline. The seminar was really inspiring and insightful into the whole stop motion process that Laika used. He also explained how 3D films work and afterwards he was nice enough to let us talk to him and take a few pictures. I also got some great shots of the puppets that were actually used in the film:

Me, Brian, Andre and the puppets.

Me and the puppets.


The puppets.

So yeah, that's some of the things I've been up to this month, great great fun!

P.S. Rob is pretty!

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