Friday, 27 November 2009

Thought Bubble and Ben Templesmith

I thought I'd split up the posts so that they didn't get too out of hand...

Last weekend I went to Thought Bubble which is a comic convention in Leeds. It was very fun but for most of the time there I felt weird towards the people who had come in cosplay. Strange folk. Anyway, I got to meet my favouritest artist in the world! The mighty Ben Templesmith! He's responsible for 30 days of night, Wormwood, Fel, Singularity, Dead Space, Welcome to Hoxford, Groom Lake and much more. He was a really great guy, very kind in signing my Wormwood book and letting us take pictures with him. We also attended a seminar with Ben, Anthony Johnson (Dead Space), some pompous guy who did Marvel Zombies and the artist for Walking Dead (which I love). The seminar was really good even though the interviewer had no idea what he was on about and the Marvel guy being really up himself. In the picture below we were doing the boyband pose...oh yeah!

James, Ben Templesmith and me.

My signed and sketched Wormwood book.

We also met Iron Man!

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