Sunday, 31 January 2010

Energy appliance monster

I took a break from animating to do some work on another project where I'm in charge of doing the concept art for a cool monster/robot that's built out of appliances in a kids room.

Here's what I drew to get the idea of building things up to make a robot. I hate the legs and I couldn't think of anything to use as hands or fingers either.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Parenting using ZV

I have a parenting add-on for Maya called ZV Parent Master. It's an amazing tool and really easy to use.

I thought I'd plug it here because it's made life so much easier for me on my current project. Here's the video that tells you how to use it:


Thursday, 28 January 2010

Saturday animation

I've decided that there's no point posting the same thing on two blogs so here's the link to my current animation project blog incase anyone actually reads this blog:

I've just posted a new scene from my animation on that blog :) However, I will post finished shots when I start to get more of them. I'm working on really just blocking every scene out at the moment before I go into splining.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Saturday - Finished Blocking

So I've finished blocking the second scene. The others wont take as long as this one since this had quite a few parenting obstacles and is around 9 seconds long with a lot happening (even though it might not look it).

I've learnt so much from doing this one scene. It's been more educational than anything else I've ever done in uni. They should let us do our own projects more often! :P

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Animation update

Here's how my second scene of "Saturday" is currently looking. I sent my work off to a connection I have over at Dreamworks who very kindly sent me a great email back telling me what he thought about it and how I could improve it and really push the poses and the character. Anyway, based of some of what I received back, this is what I have:

More work on the scene:

Blocking is almost complete on this scene now. Tomorrow I should have it complete!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Saturday animation WIP

With my mighty video reference at hand I've started blocking in my second scene. The first scene may be slightly tweaked or re-animated. I might not really touch it apart from messing with the timing because in the final render the character will be out of focus. So here's how the first 12 seconds of my animation are currently looking. I'm having loads of fun on the second shot and can't wait to add more cartoony movements into the rest of it.

Take a look at what I have so far:

Monday, 18 January 2010

Video Reference

Today I've found that video reference is an invaluable thing! I went off this morning to my university and took out on of these BEAUTIFUL VIDEO CAMERAS so that I could work on the video reference for an animation I'm currently working on. I've used video reference in animation before but not to this extent and I've learnt a valuable lesson.

When I made the storyboards and turned them into an animatic it was all well and good saying "Yes, this shot will take 4 seconds then I can go to the next that'll last 3 seconds and magicaly everything fits into the 30 to 40 second slot that I was aiming for." but I was very wrong! After filming (almost) all of the reference today and then editing it together I was faced with over a minutes worth of video. That's double what I had intended!

So I've learnt a lesson. It's all good making animatics to get a general idea but don't rely on them for timing. Editing all of my reference together has also helped me to cut down certain scenes and completely remove others. I also got some great ideas out of it that I hadn't thought of before that have atually changed some parts of the animation.

Now instead of feeling a bit lost and unconfident I know exactly what I'm doing and am fully ready to get stuck in animating tomorrow. Have a look at my video reference below. I stuck a song on there to make it interesting but it just makes it funny, which is great! :D

Also, here are some great posts by an amazing animator talking about video reference - post 1 post 2

Monday, 11 January 2010

Saturday set

Just a quick render of the set for my individual project at uni:

Saturday animatic

Here are my IP storyboards in animatic form:

Now I can start animating but it's my birthday today so I'm going to take it easy and there's a new puppy in the house who needs walking in the snow.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

IP Storyboards

Storyboards for my Individual Project are complete. There are some changes that'll happen, really small ones and some extra little shots but this is it really. I'm currently working on the set then I can start animating. Head over to to read more about the project.

(Click to enlarge)