Monday, 18 January 2010

Video Reference

Today I've found that video reference is an invaluable thing! I went off this morning to my university and took out on of these BEAUTIFUL VIDEO CAMERAS so that I could work on the video reference for an animation I'm currently working on. I've used video reference in animation before but not to this extent and I've learnt a valuable lesson.

When I made the storyboards and turned them into an animatic it was all well and good saying "Yes, this shot will take 4 seconds then I can go to the next that'll last 3 seconds and magicaly everything fits into the 30 to 40 second slot that I was aiming for." but I was very wrong! After filming (almost) all of the reference today and then editing it together I was faced with over a minutes worth of video. That's double what I had intended!

So I've learnt a lesson. It's all good making animatics to get a general idea but don't rely on them for timing. Editing all of my reference together has also helped me to cut down certain scenes and completely remove others. I also got some great ideas out of it that I hadn't thought of before that have atually changed some parts of the animation.

Now instead of feeling a bit lost and unconfident I know exactly what I'm doing and am fully ready to get stuck in animating tomorrow. Have a look at my video reference below. I stuck a song on there to make it interesting but it just makes it funny, which is great! :D

Also, here are some great posts by an amazing animator talking about video reference - post 1 post 2

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