Saturday, 20 February 2010


I strongly believe that criticism is one of the most helpful things ANYONE can do for you when it comes to ANYTHING! It's the best way of learning and you remember it in the future when you work on whatever it is again.

The last week I recieved some crits from my personal tutor and fellow class mate. Now, recieving crits on forums is all good because you can go and check them whenever you like but when you get them in person...that's a different thing. What I'm getting at is that you're more than likely to forget what most of the points brought up were if there was more than a couple. I know I do. So this time I took my trusty notepad to write everything down and it's made my work much easier and more structured. I can just go through everything I wrote down and do it in that order.

Very helpful indeed! can tell how desperate I am to work on something else because I photomanipulated a picture of some notes. Oh my.

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