Saturday, 17 April 2010


As I mentioned in a blog earlier this year I got accepted onto the Blitz open day which happend before Easter. Apparently the 14 of us there were chosen out of around 400...scary but amazing and so complimenting.

The day was absolutely packed full of great information, tours of the studio and yummy food (they even catered for my fussy vegan needs - thanks guys).  We were given seminars throughout the day. The first one was given by one of the founders of Blitz and the rest were delivered by some of their animators. Even one of Bradfords own ex-students was there to talk about how to receive direction as a junior (check out his site here, he's a great guy!).

Leamington Spa was great too (where Blitz are). It's a really nice town/city type place near Sheffield/Birmingham as far as I could tell by the train journey. Lots of nice parks, clean and lots of indie shops which I'm always really happy to see in any area.

But anyways, Blitz was great. I had some good crits from the animators about my showreel and some of the work in it and Aron Durkin was very kind to me at the end of the day. We were also given a goody bag!!! How great is that! Blitz mug, pen, key ring bottle opener and some other cool things.

All in all I loved it and I can't wait to get into the industry, wherever I end up!

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