Saturday, 17 April 2010


Ok, so Kick-Ass has received LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOADS of bad press here in the UK. Mainly because there's a young girl swearing...hmm, listen to any kids these days and they'll be swearing like a sailor whenever their parents aren't around. But that's not the point. Despite all the crap that it's received from the poor, ill-researched writers of such tabloid trash as The Daily Mail, Kick-Ass has done amazingly well over here in the UK.

I was lucky enough to go and catch it on its opening day before I went back to Wales for Easter. For me it's one of those films that just presses too many buttons at one and makes me just love it. Before I went to see it the trailer made it look like a complete man film. However, there's loads of depth and things get really twisted and serious in parts. On top of that, it's funny as hell! A superhero/action/comedy film...THAT WORKS! Wonderful :D

This could be the film of the year for me. It's just way too fun, has amazing/crazy action scenes and has some great comedy moments. It's the first time I've sat in a packed out cinema and everyone has laughed throughout the whole thing.

If you haven't seen it yet then rush out and watch it whilst it's still in the cinema. If you like it then YAY and if you don't then...wait for the next Sex and The City film or something?

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