Sunday, 16 May 2010


As you might have noticed (if you check my blog more than once a month), I haven't posted anything in quite a while. This is because I've been madly hard at work, along with the rest of my team, working on our group project. I mentioned the project a while back and also posted the concept art for it. It's an animation called OverCharged and we'd been working on it since last September.

So, we've finished it and it's been online for about a week now. We've received a lot of great reactions and people seem to enjoy it which is great!

Anyway, here it is:


I'd embed it but the blog space is too small to have a nicely sized video. Also, we have a website too -

The whole of my group were amazing to work with on the animation. Everyone put LOADS of time in. Sometimes working 17+ hour days. I love the animation but it's obvious that we didn't have enough time towards the end to pay to the animation. Sometimes we had to do 2/3 shots in a day!

It was a great experience and I'd imagine it was quite similar to an industry environment as we were working in the computer labs straight for a month (ish) with each other all day.

Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think :)

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