Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Self Tuition

Now that my time at university has come to and end it has become apparent that I'll have to keep up my motivation and ensure that I continue to learn and advance as an animator. I've been planning animation tests and little excercises in my head for a while but recently I've realised that I'll need order and organisation if I really want to get where I want to be.

Based on another animators idea of organising your own learning methods and creating a syllabus for yourself that reflects schools like Animation Mentor and other tutorial services I have made one of my own. I'll be going back to basics and working my way up to more advanced techniques.

Here's how my syllabus is looking at the moment:

Oh, and I'll also be doing some 2D animation work too!


Megatonwhale said...

That's a very good idea sir :P and I particularly admire your willingness to return to the basics. My hat comes off to you squire.

Bryn Richards said...

Why thank you :) I think it's important to go back to the basics every once in a while. Everyone can benefit from it no matter what they do.

Are you going to be starting your own blog at all? I've noticed it's changed.