Monday, 26 July 2010

Pose drawing

Recently I've felt like I really want to get back into drawing. After having Photoshop open for about 30 minutes and going through my regular sites and forums over and over again out of fear of drawing incase I failed I found some great stock for interesting dynamic poses and set to work trying to draw one of them.

I seem to have a weird process when it comes to drawing from pictures. I weirdly block bits of the body out with scribbles and random lines but it works so yay!

I had a lot of fun drawing this and hope to do more. This took me too long, with practise comes speed though

More of the turn

Here's more work on the turn for the 11 Second Club mini-challenge:

If anyone follows this blog please feel free to give me any comments/criticism.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

11 Second Club mini-challenge: Turn

So the latest mini-challenge over at the 11 Second Club forum is a turn. I wanted to animate something with a bit more character and story so I've come up with this. Currently in the blocking stage:

Interesting playblast

I found this earlier on whilst going through some of my old uni work and thought that this was really quite interesting. To be able to see the facial animation and the controls side by side moving at the same time is something you rarely see. I thought that this might be interesting for others too, who knows!

Thursday, 22 July 2010


On Tuesday I graduated from the University of Bradford (UK) as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Animation and Special Effects with a First Class Honours. Bit of a mouthful!

Anyway, it was lots of fun. I got to see some family and all of my friends and fellow students again. Hopefully not the last time. So that means I'm not longer a student, I'm a graduate and right now I should be really pushing to get into the industry. Which I am having a good go at. I'm completely aware that these things take time, sometimes months even for the best animators. I'm going to keep on animating new things that I haven't done before to stick into my showreel.

The mini-challenges over at the 11 Second Club are proving to be great exercises! I received some great crits about my current showreel from a friend at Blitz Games Studios (who I need to reply to). He recommended that I animate and include in my showreel more larger action shots like physical lifting, a jump and maybe a run. I'll be working on getting all of these and hopefully more done.

Congratulations to everyone who graduated on the day!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

11sc jump

I love the mini-challenges over on the 11 Second Club forum but sadly I only found out about the most recent one last night and the deadline was today. Because I didn't have much time to do anything I focused on blocking and poses more than anything. I don't think it's too awful given it's only an hours (ish) work.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Showreel V.4

That's right!!! I've messed about with my showreel once again. It now has the 11SC walk cycle added and better music and overall layout of shots and pace. Here we go:

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Today I sent away 15 packages consisting of my CV and showreel to different companies in the UK. It took quite a while getting everything together to do this for some reason. Lots of redoing CVs and I changed my showreel at the last minute so I had to burn all the DVDs again.

I sent off some applications to four different animation festivals too. Two are in the UK and two are abroad so hopefully OverCharged will get in to one of them.

I'm hoping that all this will pay off somehow. Animation job pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!

Oh yeah, I'm not sure why I spent a few minutes messing about in Photoshop trying to make a picture of the packages look like a still from a film. Must be all the storms around Wales affecting me. Oh my!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

University Results

I received my results for University a few days ago and it seems on the 20th of July I'll be graduating with a First Class Honours. That's a 1.1 to anyone who likes numbers.

I still can't believe the results but I'm really happy about it! There were two others of us who had a 1.1 and they were Arran and Krister, two of the guys who were in my group project (OverCharged). So congratulations to them too and everyone else on the course who did really well!

So, in a couple of weeks I'll receive a piece of paper from someone I don't know whilst dressed in a cape and a crazy flat hat! Traditions are amazing!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

11 Second Club Walk Cycle

A quick walk cycle made for an 11 second club mini-challenge.

Created in Maya over 3 to 4 hours on and off throughout the day. I had a lot of fun doing this, especially since it isn't crazy realistic and the rig was so fun and easy to work with. It's also really stylized which I looooooooove! I'll be doing a lot more with this guy! :)

I think this could be my best walk cycle yet (it's only my third haha) because I spent a lot of time on poses and arcs but there are still parts that are a bit messy like where it loops. I had trouble with his left arm and couldn't get it any smoother than you see it in the video.