Monday, 26 July 2010

More of the turn

Here's more work on the turn for the 11 Second Club mini-challenge:

If anyone follows this blog please feel free to give me any comments/criticism.


Black Mamba said...

Nice 180 turn man. I was wondering where i can get that free rig and does it have ik/fk on the legs and arms.

Bryn Richards said...

Hey there. You can download it here:

Just click on the big blue text at the top :)

It does have if/fk on the arms. Not 100% about the legs though, could just be ik.

Black Mamba said...

Thanks. Can you tell me how you textured the chest and legs?

Black Mamba said...

And also I can see my shelve isn't working right. Got any tips for that. I have maya 2011