Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Arm overlap

This morning before work I thought I'd check out a Keith Lango tutorial and follow it. I learned a bit and can even see a mistake I've made in there too which is great. I may go and try out some more to see how they work out :)

Pointy picture

On Sunday I decided I was going to sketch/draw something and so I did! Like most times when I sit down to draw, unless I'm doing anatomy practise or drawing from reference I have no idea what I'm going to do. I draw random shapes until something comes out of them and it works sometimes.

As a result of this technique, we have a modern devil guy wearing a massive scarf, pointing at something AMAZING that nobody will ever know about. I think he looks kind of like a rubbish hero kind of character or maybe villain. Who knows?

Photoshop and a wacom.

Monday, 6 September 2010


So, if you haven't heard already...there's a new online animation school called iAnimate. It's run by Jason Ryan of Dreamworks (an ex-Disney) and the mentors are currently all professionals working at Dreamworks on films such as Megamind.

As soon as the site cropped up I was interested. I know Jason is a great tutor and am sure everyone he's picked for mentoring will be too. One of the great things about the school apart from the quality of individuals involved is of course the price. It's cheaper than Animation Mentor by about £6,000 (ish). Not to say anything bad about AM, they're a great school and I love the work that comes out of their students. Also note my AM fan thing on the right of the blog in case you still think I'm being negative. Anyway, yes, the price! It's a great one at £1,200 a semester it makes it easy to afford and since each semester is 14 weeks I can save up enough in that time to take the next semester.

I sent Jason an email a few days ago with my reel attached and he reckons I should start on semester 2, which is great! I was thinking of starting from the first but if an animator as great as Mr. Ryan tells me that I don't need to then I think I'll listen to him.

If everything goes to plan I'll be starting semester 2 on January 3rd next year and I can't wait! It'll be an amazing learning experience and loads of fun!