Tuesday, 25 January 2011

KMPlayer is...AWESOME

That's right...you heard it here first, but probably not. I've been pointed in the direction of KMPlayer a couple of times before but from the screen shots it looked a bit scary. I was pointed in the direction of this blog post about it:

KMPlayer best video player ever

The author of said blog has even created and included an in depth PDF walk through that outlines all of the key features for us animators.

Click here for the magical PDF

Here's a direct quote from that blog that outlines the better features of the player:

- Opens and play XVID/Divx footage frame by frame, forward and backward …. with sound feedback. Except Premiere, do you know any player that does that? This function alone makes it the best video plaher ever. It is great for troubleshooting lipsync.
Plays H264 quicktimes
Setup In and out points and loop between the two (A-B function)
Takes automatic screenshots (great for generating colorscripts)
Hotkeys that make sense! Space bar to toggle the playback, 1 to play in half size, 2 original and 3 double size.
You can autohide the interface so only the video is visible
You can loads as many videos as you want and have them all playing. Great to pretend you are the master of the universe.

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