Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Animation Food

Here's another great script for animators. It's not a script that'll do something for you, at least not technically or directly to your animation. Even better, it's a script that inspires you.

If you're bored, feeling like you've been staring at the same thing for too long or want to have a bit of a read all you have to do is fire up animFood and it'll throw random tips/tricks/information at you about animation. How wonderful is that? There are over 300 quotes in there from some of these guys, to name a few:

  • Frank & Ollie
  • Brad Bird
  • Ed Hooks
  • Carlos Baena
  • Bobby Beck
  • Glen Keane
  • Walt Stanchfield
  • John Lasseter
  • Jason Ryan

Here's a link to the blog where you can download the script:


And here's a link to an icon I made for it:

Coming soon...(I'm not at home for the next few days so the little burger icon will have to wait for now)


Unknown said...

This is just great Bryn! Thanks!
Gonna steal it to put in mine if you don't mind :P!

Jonimations said...

Love the idea Bryn! :D Thanks

Bryn Richards said...

No problem guys, it's a great little script :)