Friday, 18 March 2011

Rango Review

Rango is unlike any other animated feature to date. It takes risks, looks gritty, doesn't shy away from death (not a spoiler) and at times is actually pretty scary (in the uncomfortable kind of way).

I went to see Rango last week with my girlfriend and some friends and really enjoyed it. Although, I must admit that I believe it has been over hyped somewhat. For me, the characters weren't engaging enough and I didn't really care about what happened to them along their journey. Maybe I couldn't relate to them for any number of reasons but that's something that I find very important in any film - engaging characters and story. Despite this it still felt like a strong film. I see it as a Western that just happens to be animated, it's most definitely not aimed only at children.

There are some amazing scenes in the film. Everything looked beautiful, buckets of detail, great animation and really full scenes. The action scenes especially were inspiring, they're good old fashioned Western action scenes too...guns and explosions and everything! ILM have done an amazing job.

Not to mention the voice acting, Bill Nighy gave an especially strong performance as did Mr. Depp and the rest of the cast.

Let's hope that ILM keep at this animated feature business, their first attempt has proved popular and pushed the boundaries of western (geographically speaking) animation.

If Rango is still showing in a cinema where you are then I'd recommend you go watch it............NOW!

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