Sunday, 1 May 2011

iAnimate Workshop 2

I've had a cool break, three weeks of casually animating and the rest was actually getting outside, spending time with folk and having a life for a short while. iAnimate has opened up again and I'm starting workshop 2, can't wait to get started with the assignments. I'm really going to try and push myself to come up with some good shots.

Even better news, my instructor is the one and only Mike Walling! This block is going to be awesome. I'll see if I can post any of my workshop 1 work publicly yet. I should be able to get away with posting the walk at least since that was in the iAnimate promo.

Anyway, too many awesome things happening. We have a new rig called Rex and we're getting another soon called Jackal. We're definitely spoiled for choice on this course. Lots of new and very skilled people have joined and some 2D animators too, can't wait to see their assignments. There's going to be some phenomenal work coming from iAnimate, keep your eyes peeled! 


Angelo Sta. Catalina said...

its good to see passionate people in iA.. keep it up

Unknown said...

Are you not allowed to post your work publicly whenever you want? I know when we wer in college it was only our films we couldn post as its entered into film festivals

Bryn Richards said...

I'll try my best Angelo, same to you! :D

Alan: Jason wants us to keep WIPs etc private so that our showreels stand out when we send them off. Otherwise there'd be videos all over the place of the rigs and it might not look as good. I think it's for those reasons anyway.

Adam Bailey said...

Hi Bryn, Ianimate looks great saw your work on the promo vid, I just want to ask for you perspective of studying in the uk, I really want to do Ianimate but will need to work at least part time do you think that sort of thing is possible.



Bryn Richards said...

Hey Adam,

In my opinion university is a huge waste of time and money as far as animation is concerned. It's great for meeting people and boosting your confidence in team work and presentations though.

But with prices going up to so high now it's pretty awful and one year costs 2k more than the whole of ianimate. So in this day and age I'd strongly recommend an online course such as iA or AM but obviously I back iA above all else. Also it's completely possible to work part time and do iA. Lots of folk on the course do it and there are a lot who have a full time job and family too. Good time management :)

Hope that helped sir.

Sophie said...

Hey Bryn :)
iAnimate looks really good, thinking about doing it myself at some point when I have the money!
Was wondering if you could tell me a few things about it, like how much work do they give you to do and how helpful have you found it?
I need to practice more first I think .
Your animations were always good at uni, I bet they've gotten even better since iAnimate :)