Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Mature Animation part 3

If you know me then you know that I like the idea of animation maturing and entering the field of higher age rating films, aimed at teenagers, young adults and good old fashioned adults. If you don't know me and you only follow my blog then you might know following my previous posts about mature animation (post1  post2).

Anyway, a trailer popped up on my facebook feed today that punched my attention in the face, here's said trailer:

At first I thought it might be another smaller studio having a go at the kids animation market but I was happily surprised. If you've watched the trailer I'm sure you noticed the adult humour throughout. Now, I have to say that if this were a live action film I probably wouldn't have watched the whole thing and got so excited about it but as far as animation goes it feels like studios are taking big steps towards greater and more varied content. Now there are studios catering for more than just children and the general family. Animation is reaching out to a wider audience and if it's received well then who knows where it could eventually go. 

After showing this to my fellow colleagues I was given this trailer to watch and was surprised that there's another "mature" animation on the way called A.D:

Which led me to remember about The Goon:

All this is looking very positive as it shows that there's an audience for these films. That there is an older age group that want animation to be taken to new places and into different genres. And why not? We have countless video games that contain all sorts of content, just like films and there's a game for everyone. Why can't there be an animated film for everyone too? I am aware that these are two different things but at the end of the day they are both in the same entertainment box as films, books and music. All story telling.

It's true that animation is very young and that it's always been labelled as more of a kids thing but check this out:

Video games have been around for even less time and they offer all sorts of things. Would you ever see any of that in an animated film released in major cinemas today? No way, but hopefully you will soon.

Friday, 16 September 2011

TGS DmC content

Hello people!

I know my last post was very DmC heavy and this one will be too but I will have some more posts coming soon to do with animation and one to do with inspiration aaaaaaaaaaaand maybe one about starting out in the industry and what to expect. Could be interesting. Anyway, Tokyo Game Show is happening over in Japan right now and we've released a new trailer and a demo. Here they are: