Sunday, 9 October 2011

Animation in adverts

I don't watch TV, mainly because I don't have one and anything that I'd want to watch is stream-able online. That's a lie, there is a TV in the house and we do have a TV license but the effort of connecting it up to something to receive a signal is too much effort for the reward (or lack of).

This results in me being very unaware of any great adverts that might be airing unless I happen to see somebody post them on any social network sites. Anyway, to the point. My girlfriend sent me these two tonight and I was happily surprised at the amount of money going into animation production for adverts. Animated adverts are also breaking out of the stereotype of being used for childrens products and to show off fancy cars. The following adverts are for yoghurt (yogurt or yogourt depending where you're from) and tea. You'd expect a healthy and hurried looking young woman in a kitchen for the one and maybe a scene of a cold winter with people sat in front of a cozy fire for the bother but NO! Not today:

Twinings Tea Advert - Gets You Back To You

Müller - Wünderful Stuff


Unknown said...

I think our strange timing is probably due to it being an awesome advert as well as us having great minds! I actually hadn't seen the Twinings one before. Love the style.

Bryn Richards said...

The Twinings one is my favourite of the two even the the Muller one is lots of fun.