Thursday, 6 October 2011

iAnimates Taio Cruz Dynamite Animated Music Video

"This was made as exercises in animated Body Mechanics and Lip Sync to music. Thanks a million to Taio Cruz for making such an awesome song, and well done to all the students who worked on the animation.Hope you enjoy......J"
This project started whilst I was still at iAnimate so I was able to see the very first 2D animatics made in Flipbook by Jason Ryan, the rough blocking and speedy progress to a solid compilation of students work. This was an absolutely wonderful idea, it brought animators together within the course, they got to be led by Jason Ryan and have their work reviewed by him (how does he get so much time to do it all?) and everything in this video was animated in peoples spare time outside of work and doing their own assignments.

Let's hope that iAnimate keeps up the community projects and the fun. Congratulations to everyone who took part in this video, I have a lot of friends who animated pieces of this and you all did a great job!


Unknown said...

Haha that looked like so much fun for the animators! Love the breakdancing bit (of course)

Bryn Richards said...

I can imagine it was massively fun, wish I could have joined in!