Thursday, 8 December 2011

New iAnimate reel

iAnimate released their new students work reel last week and it's looking awesome! Some really mind blowing work in there and they included one of my assignments from earlier this year! If you watch at 11:50 you can see my vanilla walk (not a cycle).

Animating that walk kicked my arse. We had three or so weeks to do it and the final assignment was my third attempt, I struggled so hard for a long time but got there in the end with lots of feedback and some amazing advice from my instructor Jim van der Keyl. The main thing I learned from that assignment was that you really have to focus on which body parts are leading and following. For far too long I had the hips leading which made him look really feminine. Once I reworked it to have the chest leading it all fell into place. Also picked up the nifty trick of using the scale tool in the graph editor to exaggerate motions (e.g. wrists) or to bring them down.

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