Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Beauty and The Beast

Last weekend, my girlfriend and I watched Beauty and The Beast. I hadn't seen it for around roughly 15 years and couldn't remember anything about it at all. Now, I must say that for what ever reason, I wasn't expecting a huge amount from this film. This is probably because the marketing I've seen for the DVDs and 3D version seemed to be mostly singing teapots and characters dancing. Obviously singing teapots don't appeal to me all that much but...OH MY GOD! I LOVED IT! 

What an absolutely beautiful animated film! The Beast just oozes appeal, how he looks and how he's posed is all completely beautiful. The animation throughout is stunning, and you can definitely tell that Glen Keane, Andreas Deja and James Baxter worked on it.

One thing that was particularly interesting was the range in character styles. It almost looked as if different universes were hanging out together. For example, Belle was pretty normal and realistic looking, Gaston was a huge caricature of a muscle man, Beast is well...a huge awesome beast and Lefou is completely cartoony. Not to mention the wardrobe, candle stick holder, clock and foot stool. I don't think that they'd even attempt that kind of thing these days and it's a real shame because it really holds up.

You could really tell the animators had fun too, just check out this facial expression:

And oh my lordy, feast your eyes on this line test that Glen Keane animated for the end sequence when Beast transforms (maybe don't watch it if you haven't seen the film):

Anyway, this blog is already 95% longer than originally intended so I'm going to end with recommending that you watch Beauty and The Beast if you haven't seen it yet and if you have then please do revisit it. But before I go, here's an awesome sketch that my girlfriend drew of Beast:

If you like her art you can visit her blog or sketchbook. Oh, and she's freelancing so if you're after any art then please do get in touch.


Unknown said...

cool post! beauty and the beast is amazing. i'll have to re-watch it soon. havent seen that vid either, thanks for posting!

Bryn Richards said...

Hey Dan, thanks for checking the post out. No problem, and that line test video is beautiful!

Ataul said...

ahh wow, I haven't seen B and the B in over ten years but the animation was so memorable that a _lot_ of the mannerisms (for lack of a better word) of Belle was really familiar when I watched the line test. Immense respect for animators :D

Bryn Richards said...

That's awesome and I know what you mean. I had the same feelings in parts of the film. Mostly with Beast though.

Alternicity said...

That video is great!
Do much skill/effort went into each drawing.

My eldest boy is trying out 2d hand drawn animation atm (frame by frame, no computer tweening!)

I'll get him to watch this later. I wonder if I can raise interest in watching the whole movie here.

Rachelle - I love your drawing too! :)
He looks grumpy/resentful.

Bryn Richards said...

Hey there,

That's awesome, wish him the best of luck! How's he getting on with animation? Beauty and The Beast should blow his mind!

Rachelle says thank you very much :)

Unknown said...

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