Tuesday, 14 August 2012

DmC, LOTR and some of my work

Gamescom 2012 is at full speed and currently throwing out trailers all over the place. A few videos have been released for projects I've worked on/am working on. Two of them even feature some of my work. Here they are:


No specific shots from my cutscenes were used in this there are other peoples shots in there that I did the facial animation for.

I have two cutscenes in this video. The one before the tower comes to life and the second is the long scene between Bob on the TV and Dante telling him that he's "going down".

LEGO Lord of The Rings

Aaaaaaaaaand last but not least, there's this new trailer for LEGO Lord of The Rings. This is the project I'm currently working on, however as far as I can tell none of my work is featured in this trailer.

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