Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Paranorman animation tests

Sadly David has had to take his videos down but I'm going to keep this post up here in case he's given permission to put them back up.

I've just found some more Paranorman animation tests floating around the internet. These are from David Vandervoort. Sit back and watch some beautiful stop motion tests and a great dialogue test/guide.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Cold Day In Hell

Exciting news time! I'm going to be working with some very talented people on an animated short called Cold Day In Hell. Here's a description from the CDIH blog:

Cold Day in Hell is an animated short project being made by a bunch of animators/artists/general creative types in the UK. Most of us are a bit tired of doing work purely for showreels so we wanted to do something a bit more fun. Cold Day in Hell is a story about fun, a story which is at the same time sweet and just a little sad. It'll be about three minutes long and it'll be CG animated by folk who genuinely love animation. 

Behind the project is my good friend and co-worker Robin French. She's created a wonderful animatic for the short and if the finished thing is anywhere near as good then people are in for a treat. We're planning to have it finished by Christmas 2013, and will be posting production logs along with art and other bits as it's created.

So folk, please follow the blog and keep your eye on our progess. It's going to be tons of fun and we hope you enjoy our progress and the final film.