Wednesday, 5 December 2012

We Want Your Thumbnails!

That's right! We want your animation planning thumbnails!

I've been planning a blog post about animation thumbnail planning for quite a while. Only, I thought I could make things more interesting. I want to include examples of other animators work, as well as their opinions so that I can offer a larger overview and more visual candy. 

So, if you're an animator (2D/CG/Stop Motion/Mocap) and you plan your shots with thumbnails then I'd love it if you could share an example of your work for others to see. It doesn't matter if you're a student, a professional or an animation God. If your thumbnails show clear planning and a thought process then you're good to share. Please, please, please don't worry about the quality of your thumbnails. You don't have to be Glen Keane or James Baxter - I'll be sharing some of my own and they're extremely basic.

What we want
  • Animation thumbnails - It doesn't matter if they were drawn traditionally or digitally.
  • Opinions - Do you have any strong feelings about planning with thumbnails? If so, feel free to speak your mind so that I can share some of what you think on the blog. (This is where people who don't thumbnail can chime in if they wish. If you don't use thumbnails then feel free to write in and tell us why.)
  • Additional info - If you're sending something, please include your name, blog, website or twitter details so that I can link back to you in the post. 

Where to send

  • The deadline has been thrown away. I'll stop accepting any more once I've made the post.

That's about it. Please feel free to pass on this blog to any animators you may know so that we can show off loads of awesome thumbnails!

[Awesome art provided by Robin Frenchhttp://www.robinfrench.com - She's currently taking commissions so go throw your money at her!]