Sunday, 13 January 2013

LEGO: Lord of The Rings Cutscenes

Last year I was lucky enough to be a part of the LEGO: Lord of The Rings video game. TT Games took me in under their wing, sat me down at a computer and threw cutscenes at me for seven months. I had a great time, but more about that in another post...this one's just for the cutscene videos.

I'd been planning to put my work from TT up for a while now. Then, the other day my fellow animator James Hobart threw his cutscene reel online, which egged me on.

So, here you have most of the work from my time at TT. I realised that I actually hadn't rendered all of my scenes out, which is why there are a few playblast videos below.

Main Outro A

Council D #1

Council D #2

Towards the end of the game I was given the chance to animate some in-game fetch quests. These were really fun and challenging because I had to do one a day. 12 and 14 seconds a day was scary but fun.

And here's a test animation I did on my first day at TT. We had little to do after arriving so I played around with Boromir: