Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Golden Rules of Acting Review


First thing's first, as Andy mentioned in the video above, this book isn't about acting. It's about how to be an actor. Big difference, and I didn't realise that when I bought it. I wasn't sure what to expect, I assumed it'd be a decent sized book with lengthy chapters on acting formulas. I was completely wrong, and glad. Instead, it's perfectly sized and packed with complete gold.

Some people might have been put off by what I said earlier. The part about it being about how to be an actor. But here's the least 95% (if not more) of this book applies to animators/artists/creatives/freelancers.

The whole thing is laid out in lovely bit sized chunks of easily digestible information with Nyman covering some of the following subjects:
Going to drama school (higher education animation course), auditions (interviews), the business (the industry), agents (agencies), living the life, directors (directors and leads), surviving, how to make it happen and how to take reviews.

It's all very similar to an animators life and the things we have to do and think about. Not to mention, that the whole text has a positive undertone, with some tips are as simple as:

"Be happy, you'll work more."

As well as Nymans own tips, the book is dotted with charming illustrations of actors and directors along with one of their inspirational quotes. One of my favourites is George Burns:

"I'd rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate."

In conclusion, this is a lovely little book full of positive hints, tips and thoughts. You can read it in no time and revisiting the text for inspiration isn't a chore. Andy Nyman points out some really obvious things, things that sometimes are too hard to see when our every day worries are bouncing around our heads. You'd be crazy not to buy this book, especially since it won't break the bank.

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