Monday, 11 February 2013

Paperman & Animation Process

Here's a great clip that shows the animation process of Paperman. It's pretty short but you get to see the journey a shot took from start to end.

(Click image to go to video)

And if you haven't seen Paperman yet're probably slightly behind on your animation news but hey, nobody's judging you. Watch it below:

I have to admit when I saw Paperman for the first time I was a little disappointed (note: LITTLE). I loved it but it had been severely hyped up for a long time (I'm in the UK so all my American friends had seen it about four months in advance). I did get a bit of an emotional hit from it but not as much as I'd hoped for, what with reading tweets from people saying it left them crying etc. Still, it's an absolutely beautiful short. Great animation, music, a lovely story and the visual style is awesome. I'm hoping that Papermans success will open the door to more 2D projects and perhaps CG/2D crossovers. Well done to Disney, those guys are really nailing everything they produce again.

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