Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Epic Trailer #2

I’m really excited to see Epic after watching this new trailer. The first one was good but didn’t do that much for me but the adventure and scale in this looks awesome. And Christoph Waltz voices the bad guy…..come on, that’s amazing! I'm hoping that the villain and threat will be sincere and actually threatening. I feel that the villain/threat has been watered down a bit too much in Western animation and it's a shame. However, recently Guardians did a fantastic job with Pitch.

Here's hoping for stronger bad guys/girls in animation!

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Unknown said...

As a huge fan of all the Ice Age movies, I'm looking forward to this. I think it looks cute and fun enough, and while it won't be a movie that really has deep meaning and/or themes like a Pixar film, I think it'll still be a good watch for adults, too. Also really liked that they used "Shooting Star" by Owl City in this trailer, I hope the song makes it into the actual movie, too. A nice mix of familiar songs and original tunes would be great