Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Blog moved/on holiday

Hello to you!

If you follow this blog, sorry about the lack of posts...I've been focusing more on personal projects and not being on the computer so much.

I kind of stopped posting for a few reasons though. One being the fact that I felt that given twitter, facebook,tumblr and other much larger and popular blogs/websites are so on the ball with animation business I didn't really need to put so much effort into sharing on this blog. If that makes any sense at all? In other words social networking is the bees knees when it comes to finding out about that animation trailer first and all that business.

The other reason is well...I want to spend less time at the computer and since this blog sadly isn't hand written I can't keep it up when I'm not at my PC long enough to write about anything.

I do have a tumblr where I post animation goodies though...I find it way faster and easier to share. A much better platform then blogger too. If you want to follow that tumblr then look no further:

I have an art tumblr too, since these days I'm spending more time drawing:

And you can still always find me on twitter posting nonesense ;)